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Sensational Sea Sponges

SENSATIONAL SEA SPONGES And Their Importance to Marine Life – Written by Valeria Pizarro Let's talk about sponges; a group of animals (yes, animals!) that have been living on earth for more than 640 million years. There are about 8,800 described species and most of them can be found [...]

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Photogrammetry: A New Tool To Practice Coral ID

PHOTOGRAMMETRY: A NEW TOOL TO PRACTICE CORAL ID Photogrammetry extracts 3-dimensional information from multiple photos of the same thing. In a nutshell, it relies on computer vision processes to find overlapping points between photos, and then can re-create the original 3-dimensional orientation of the cameras and the things you photograph. [...]

Highlights from “Hurricane Dorian: Impacts Below the Surface”

"HURRICANE DORIAN: IMPACTS BELOW THE SURFACE" LIVE PANEL DISCUSSION An Overview - Written by Lily Haines “We saw all sorts of things you typically don’t see on reefs… vacuum cleaners, pieces of construction and roofing materials, plumbing materials, laptops and lawnmowers,” said Dr. Krista Sherman, Senior Scientist at [...]

Dive Deeper: Identify and Prevent Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease

Dive Deeper: Identify and Prevent Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease In 2014, researchers in Florida identified a new coral disease called Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD). This disease has impacted the entire Florida Reef Tract and has spread to other locations in The Caribbean, including The Bahamas. [...]

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Hurricane Dorian Panel Discussion: Impacts Below the Surface

On September 30, Dr. Craig Dahlgren (PIMS Executive Director) and Dr. Krista Sherman (PIMS Senior Scientist) will discuss Hurricane Dorian's impacts on the marine ecosystem, just over a year after the Category 5 storm made landfall in The Bahamas. Experts from The Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization and Friends of the Environment will join [...]

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