Coral Reef Programs

PIMS Spotlights: Forfar Coral Nursery

Hello! I'm Haleigh Collins, an Environmental Educator at Forfar Field Station in Blanket Sound, Andros, Bahamas. Run by the nonprofit International Field Studies, Environmental Educators at Forfar spend most of our days teaching middle school through college-aged students about marine science, island ecology, and the local Bahamian culture.  When [...]

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PIMS Begins New Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) Project

Determining Sustainable Harvesting Rates for Antillogorgia elisabethae by Dr. Krista Sherman, Senior Scientist at PIMS The Perry Institute for Marine Science (PIMS) is executing pilot 3 of the Access Benefit Sharing (ABS) project. ABS uses Antillogorgia elisabethae (formerly Pseudopterogorgia elisabethae) as a model species to develop sustainable harvest [...]

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Reef Rescue Network Travels to St. Lucia

by Hayley-Jo Carr, Training Director & Coordinator at PIMS's Reef Rescue Network Our coral reefs are disappearing. About 50 percent of the world’s coral reefs have already been lost or severely damaged. Coral reefs are some of the most biologically rich and economically valuable ecosystems on Earth. However, coral [...]

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Atlantis Resort Expands Staghorn Coral Nursery

by Hayley-Jo Carr, Training Director & Coordinator at PIMS's Reef Rescue Network December 2019 has been a busy end of the year at the Atlantis Resort with the expansion of its staghorn coral nursery in collaboration with the Perry Institute for Marine Science’s Reef Rescue Network.   In [...]

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Staghorn Coral Restoration

PIMS & Shedd Aquarium Unite for Coral Restoration Expedition by Natalia Hurtado, Research Associate at PIMS, Cape Eleuthera Institute Hayley-Jo Carr, Training Director & Coordinator at PIMS, Reef Rescue Network Valeria Pizarro, Research Associate at PIMS, Cape Eleuthera Institute The long-term survival of the staghorn coral Acropora cervicornis [...]

Valentine’s Dive Center Show Corals Some Love

VALENTINE'S DIVE CENTER SHOW CORALS SOME LOVE Written by: Hayley-Jo Carr, Training Director and Coordinator, Reef Rescue Network Valentine's Dive Center is located on the west side of Harbour Island in The Bahamas. Valentine's is the leading PADI dive resort facility in the area offering daily dives, snorkel trips, [...]

Coral Spawning Success At The Bahamas Coral Innovation Hub

CORAL SPAWNING SUCCESS AT THE BAHAMAS CORAL INNOVATION HUB Written by Dr. Valeria Pizarro, Research Associate, PIMS/CEI Did you know that some coral species release their gametes (eggs and sperm) to the water column once a year? Did you know that the first stage of the corals life cycle [...]

The Reef Rescue Network Creates The World’s First Blue Hole Coral Nursery!

THE REEF RESCUE NETWORK CREATES THE WORLD'S FIRST BLUE HOLE CORAL NURSERY! Written by: Hayley-Jo Carr, Training Coordinator, Reef Rescue Network The World’s first Coral Nursery has been established in a blue hole on Andros in The Bahamas with The Andros Beach Club, partners of The Perry Institute for [...]

Eco Friendly Resort Turn To Coral Restoration

ECO FRIENDLY RESORT TURN TO CORAL RESTORATION Written by: Hayley-Jo Carr, Training Coordinator, Reef Rescue Network Tiamo Resort is in a sheltered cove, surrounded by verdant palm forests fringed with sumptuous white-sand beaches, kissed by the bluest, clearest waters imaginable. The island itself boasts a pristine natural landscape. Much [...]

Atlantis Resort Dolphin Cay Staff Outplant Corals at Green Cay

ATLANTIS RESORT DOLPHIN CAY STAFF OUTPLANT CORALS AT GREEN CAY Written by: Hayley-Jo Carr, Reef Rescue Network Training Director & Coordinator April 2019, Atlantis Resort Dolphin Cay staff joined the Perry Institute of Marine Science (PIMS) to outplant 46 Coral Fragments onto the reef at Green Cay near Paradise [...]