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Growing Hope – Perry Institute for Marine Science & Bahamas National Trust Install 2 Coral Nurseries in Grand Bahama

Written by: Alannah Vellacott “By growing these corals in nurseries and restoring them to reefs we are giving these corals a chance to re-establish themselves and continue to provide valuable ecosystem services." - Craig Dahlgren, Executive Director of the Perry Institute for Marine Science On November 18th2018,  Perry Institute for [...]

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The Bahamas Coral Innovation Hub

by Lily Haines Last fall marked the beginning of the Bahamas Coral Innovation Hub! Based out of Cape Eleuthera, the hub aims to upscale coral reef restoration in The Bahamas, develop new technologies, as well as educate, train and engage local Bahamians on the importance of coral conservation. Key hub [...]

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Dive Exuma Joins the Reef Rescue Network

by Hayley-Jo Carr Located on the Government Dock in the heart of Georgetown, Great Exuma, Bahamas, Dive Exuma are a PADI resort offering daily dives, PADI Courses, Snorkel Tours & Private Charters. Great Exuma is the largest island in the chain of 360 islands, or cays, known as ‘The Exumas’ and [...]

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Rehabilitating Long-spined Sea Urchins

We're Only Just Grazing the Surface The Long-spined urchin, Diadema antillarum, was once the most effective and important grazer on reefs throughout the Caribbean. These urchins are capable of clearing large areas of macroalgae and keeping it clear for coral larvae to settle and grow. However, in 1983, an unknown [...]

Forfar Field Station Outplant 126 fragments from their Coral Nursery on Andros, The Bahamas

by: Anna Safryghin - Forfar Field Station On October 22nd and October 23rd, 2018, The Perry Institute for Marine Science Reef Rescue Network and staff from Forfar Field Station on Andros braved the high seas of the tongue of the ocean to complete the outplant of Acropora fragments back to [...]

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Reef Rescue Network – Restoring Life, Growing Opportunity

Introducing the Reef Rescue Network Restoring Life, Growing Opportunity Written by: Hayley-Jo Carr, Training Director & Coordinator of the Reef Rescue Network The Perry Institute for Marine Science is a not-for-profit organization committed to protecting our oceans through research that both inform the public and encourage action, ultimately [...]

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Building A Coral Kindergarten

by Lily Haines “The lessons learned here have the potential to guide coral restoration efforts around the world.”  - Craig Dahlgren, Executive Director of the Perry Institute for Marine Science Coral reefs are natural treasure troves in the Bahamas: they harbor thousands of marine species, support over 40,000 jobs in marine tourism and, each [...]

10 Years of Coral Restoration in South Abaco.

In 2008, Dr. Craig Dahlgren of the Perry Institute for Marine Science and a team from Disney’s The Seas with Nemo and Friends aquarium at Epcot in Orlando began conducting experimental coral restoration on reefs between Disney Cruise Line’s Castaway Cay and the settlement of Sandy Point in South Abaco. In 2007 [...]

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Introducing Anna Zuke a New PADI Reef Rescue Diver Instructor!

Introducing Anna Zuke a New PADI Reef Rescue Diver Instructor! Trained by Perry Institute for Marine Science Reef Rescue Network Coordinator Hayley Jo PADI Course Director. Ever since her first ocean dive, Anna has been enthralled with coral- she has researched reef restoration techniques, been involved with a conservation group and dive shops, and worked on coral propagation and [...]

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Atlantic & Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment Training of Trainers: Sharing the Key to Understanding Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are an integral ecosystem on Earth as they provide many ecosystem services like food security, coastal protection from storms, medicine and millions of jobs through fishing, tourism and recreation. Countries and communities, like The Bahamas, are also intimately tied to coral reefs through both their livelihoods and cultural traditions [...]

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