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How I learned to treat diseased corals with Nova Southeastern University

HOW I LEARNED TO TREAT DISEASED CORALS WITH NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY By Valeria Pizarro "... the disease on the reef was evident; many of the star corals were dead but most of them are diseased with small portions of living tissue. This is bad news for corals, coral reefs, [...]

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Using Tech To Advance Reef Science

USING TECH TO ADVANCE REEF SCIENCE Ocean Expert Exchange with Will Greene In this webinar, PIMS Research Associate Will Green shows us how he uses cutting-edge camera and computer technology to create 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional models of coral reefs. Specifically, Will: Explains how the process works (both [...]

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Super Spikey Cleaners

SUPER SPIKEY CLEANERS By Hayley-Jo Carr The Longspined Sea Urchin, Diadema antillarum, provides essential ecosystem services to coral reefs, however populations have seen drastic reductions in numbers due to a disease outbreak in the 1980s.  Restoration efforts are underway to assist in restoring local populations of this important grazer. [...]

A Coral Fragment’s Journey – Part II

A Coral Fragment's Journey - Part II Comic Illustrations by Fresh ‘n Salty Let's talk about... coral matchmaking! The nurseries we talked about last week from the Fresh ‘n Salty comic not only help us grow Critically Endangered corals,  they also play an important role in spreading genetic complexity! To [...]


MYSTERIOUS MEDUSOZOA Even though we can't celebrate Halloween as we used to in the era of COVID-19, jellyfish costumes are among the most popular and beautiful. In honour of October 31, let's talk a little more about invertebrates in the Class Medusozoa, also known as jellyfish! These animals have been living [...]

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A Coral Fragment’s Journey – Part 1

A Coral Fragment's Journey: Part 1 Comic Illustrations by Fresh 'n Salty Ever wonder what it’s like to be a coral fragment.... just hanging in a nursery, waiting for your chance to be outplanted onto the reef? you know! The cheeky comic below was [...]

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Staff Spotlight: Valeria Pizarro

Dr. Valeria Pizarro Staff Spotlight! "From my first dive, I fell in love with the sea and all the life it holds; but it wasn't until I started studying corals and understanding their simplicity and complexity that I decided I wanted to dedicate my professional life to it. Since [...]

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Webinar: The Nassau Grouper Journey

The Nassau Grouper Journey Webinar With Krista Sherman In this 'jawesome' new webinar, Senior Scientist Dr. Krista Sherman shares her decade-long experience working with the Critically Endangered Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus). Hosted by Sharks4Kids, Krista unpacks the Nassau grouper life cycle, and why we're sadly seeing declines of up [...]

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Sensational Sea Sponges

SENSATIONAL SEA SPONGES And Their Importance to Marine Life – Written by Valeria Pizarro Let's talk about sponges; a group of animals (yes, animals!) that have been living on earth for more than 640 million years. There are about 8,800 described species and most of them can be found [...]

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