Building A Coral Kindergarten

Growing A "Coral Kindergarten" by Lily Haines “The lessons learned here have the potential to guide coral restoration efforts around the world.”  - Craig Dahlgren, Executive Director of the Perry Institute for Marine Science Coral reefs are natural treasure troves in the Bahamas: they harbor thousands of marine species, support over 40,000 jobs [...]

How did Hurricane Matthew impact Bahamian Coral Reefs?

The Perry Institute for Marine Science led surveys of several coral reefs receiving different levels of impact from Hurricane Matthew in several parts of The Bahamas.  Reefs surveyed after Matthew were reefs previously surveyed 12 months prior to the storm to assess before and after impacts. Sites surveyed experienced varying impacts [...]

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Nassau Grouper: The Winter Research Trip

Trip’s Purpose December 2016 Nassau grouper research team During the full moon in December 2016, a research team led by Krista Sherman (University of Exeter/Shedd Aquarium) and Dr. Craig Dahlgren (Perry Institute for Marine Science/Bahamas National Trust) conducted surveys, tagged and sampled Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus) around Long Island, Bahamas. Some of the [...]

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A Proactive Approach to Restoring Bahamian Coral Reefs

The Perry Institute for Marine Science represented The Bahamas, along with long-time partner, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), at an international workshop on coral reef restoration.  This is a rapidly advancing field that is gaining momentum in The Bahamas. Reef restoration work in The Bahamas is a collaborative effort between several local and international organizations including: [...]

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