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How drones advance ocean research and conservation

MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY PICTURE... HOW DRONES ADVANCE OCEAN RESEARCH & CONSERVATION IN THE CARIBBEAN By Will Greene Anybody who has visited The Bahamas or the Caribbean region knows it for the glorious tropical weather, white sand beaches, crystal-blue water, and beautiful coral reefs. The natural beauty is [...]

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Christmas Miracle Inspires Hope for Nassau Grouper

CHRISTMAS MIRACLE INSPIRES HOPE FOR NASSAU GROUPER Written by Krista Sherman The goal of the Fisheries Research and Conservation Program (FRCP) is “sustainable fisheries and healthy ecosystems that support biodiversity, livelihoods, ecosystems services and promote resilience”. Through applied conservation research, we work collaboratively with local and international scientists, government, [...]

Coral Nursery Survives Hurricane Dorian

CORAL NURSERY SURVIVES HURRICANE DORIAN By Michael Sherratt Fowl Cays National Park in Abaco is home to one of our coral nurseries, consisting of five nursery trees situated in 20ft of water. Installed in May 2019, the tree nursery was built and installed in partnership between the Perry Institute [...]

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Make Waves of Change this Holiday Season – Donate to PIMS!

MAKE WAVES OF CHANGE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON! DONATE TO THE PERRY INSTITUTE FOR MARINE SCIENCE This year, The Perry Institute for Marine Science has made waves of change throughout The Bahamas and the greater Caribbean. Our research, conservation, and education programs have helped protect [...]

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Tis’ the Season… for Nassau grouper babies!

TIS' THE SEASON... FOR NASSAU GROUPER BABIES! This winter, say no to buying, selling, and eating Nassau grouper. Let’s give these fellas some time for romance! Written by Lily Haines It’s that time of year again… Nassau grouper are having sex. That’s right. In the name of courtship and [...]

Nassau Grouper Closed Season!

NASSAU GROUPER CLOSED SEASON IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! Give the gift of healthy Nassau grouper populations this Holiday Season! Did you know? The Nassau grouper “Closed Season” begins today (Dec. 1), and continues until Feb. 28. Remember not to fish, buy, sell or eat Nassau grouper during [...]

New Poster: How You Can Help Protect the Nassau Grouper

NEW POSTER: HOW YOU CAN HELP PROTECT THE NASSAU GROUPER Critically endangered species are those facing a HIGH risk of becoming EXTINCT! The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Grouper and Wrasses Specialist Group has classified 13% of the grouper species assessed to date as threatened (i.e. critically [...]

Highlights From GCFI173

HIGHLIGHTS FROM GCFI73 The Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute Conference (GCFI) is an annual event that bridges the gap between a range of stakeholders including fishers, policymakers, marine resource managers, students, scientists and non-governmental organizations to foster learning and collaborative approaches to better tackle key environmental issues facing the region. [...]

Should the Shark & Sea Turtle Ban Be Lifted in The Bahamas? Here’s What the Science Says

SHOULD THE SHARK & SEA TURTLE BAN BE LIFTED IN THE BAHAMAS? HERE'S WHAT THE SCIENCE SAYS By Dr. Craig Dahlgren, Executive Director, PIMS Shark and sea turtle conservation in The Bahamas has recently re-emerged as a contentious issue. Since 2011, The Bahamas has been a shark sanctuary with [...]