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Make Waves of Change this Holiday Season – Donate to PIMS!

MAKE WAVES OF CHANGE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON! DONATE TO THE PERRY INSTITUTE FOR MARINE SCIENCE This year, The Perry Institute for Marine Science has made waves of change throughout The Bahamas and the greater Caribbean. Our research, conservation, and education programs have helped protect [...]

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Highlights From GCFI173

HIGHLIGHTS FROM GCFI73 The Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute Conference (GCFI) is an annual event that bridges the gap between a range of stakeholders including fishers, policymakers, marine resource managers, students, scientists and non-governmental organizations to foster learning and collaborative approaches to better tackle key environmental issues facing the region. [...]

Staff Spotlight: Valeria Pizarro

Dr. Valeria Pizarro Staff Spotlight! "From my first dive, I fell in love with the sea and all the life it holds; but it wasn't until I started studying corals and understanding their simplicity and complexity that I decided I wanted to dedicate my professional life to it. Since [...]

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Photogrammetry: A New Tool To Practice Coral ID

PHOTOGRAMMETRY: A NEW TOOL TO PRACTICE CORAL ID Photogrammetry extracts 3-dimensional information from multiple photos of the same thing. In a nutshell, it relies on computer vision processes to find overlapping points between photos, and then can re-create the original 3-dimensional orientation of the cameras and the things you photograph. [...]

With your support, our work continues

AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know and love, but with a benefit to the Perry Institute for Marine Science. The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate a percentage of your eligible Amazon purchase to PIMS every time you shop. Only purchases made at AmazonSmile will result in donations. So, how do [...]

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The Bahamas Coral Innovation Hub

by Lily Haines Last fall marked the beginning of the Bahamas Coral Innovation Hub! Based out of Cape Eleuthera, the hub aims to upscale coral reef restoration in The Bahamas, develop new technologies, as well as educate, train and engage local Bahamians on the importance of coral conservation. Key hub [...]

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Introducing Dr. Krista Sherman

PIMS New Senior Scientist The Perry Institute for Marine Science is pleased to welcome Dr. Krista Sherman as the newest member of its scientific team! Dr. Sherman is marine scientist with more than a decade of research and conservation experience and is also the first Bahamian female with a PhD [...]

Reef Rescue Network – Restoring Life, Growing Opportunity

Introducing the Reef Rescue Network Restoring Life, Growing Opportunity Written by: Hayley-Jo Carr, Training Director & Coordinator of the Reef Rescue Network The Perry Institute for Marine Science is a not-for-profit organization committed to protecting our oceans through research that both inform the public and encourage action, ultimately [...]

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Building A Coral Kindergarten

by Lily Haines “The lessons learned here have the potential to guide coral restoration efforts around the world.”  - Craig Dahlgren, Executive Director of the Perry Institute for Marine Science Coral reefs are natural treasure troves in the Bahamas: they harbor thousands of marine species, support over 40,000 jobs in marine tourism and, each [...]

Baha Mar Partners With Reef Rescue Network With A Strong Commitment to Coral Conservation

Furthering Baha Mar’s commitment to coral reef conservation, the resort destination announces today the launch of its partnership with The Reef Rescue Network, a newly-created network of organizations and businesses in The Bahamas committed to the creation and management of coral restoration. Baha Mar’s dedication to conservation continues as the resort destination [...]