Using Tech To Advance Reef Science

USING TECH TO ADVANCE REEF SCIENCE Ocean Expert Exchange with Will Greene In this webinar, PIMS Research Associate Will Green shows us how he uses cutting-edge camera and computer technology to create 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional models of coral reefs. Specifically, Will: Explains how the process works (both [...]

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Live Training Workshop: Using A Topical Antibiotic to Treat SCTLD

Live Training Workshop Using A Topical Antibiotic to Treat Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease In this thought-provoking live training event, Drs. Karen Neely and Brian Walker of Nova Southeastern University (NSU) share their success using a topical antibiotic to treat Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD). Specifically, [...]

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Webinar: The Nassau Grouper Journey

The Nassau Grouper Journey Webinar With Krista Sherman In this 'jawesome' new webinar, Senior Scientist Dr. Krista Sherman shares her decade-long experience working with the Critically Endangered Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus). Hosted by Sharks4Kids, Krista unpacks the Nassau grouper life cycle, and why we're sadly seeing declines of up [...]

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Hurricane Dorian Panel Discussion: Impacts Below the Surface

On September 30, Dr. Craig Dahlgren (PIMS Executive Director) and Dr. Krista Sherman (PIMS Senior Scientist) will discuss Hurricane Dorian's impacts on the marine ecosystem, just over a year after the Category 5 storm made landfall in The Bahamas. Experts from The Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization and Friends of the Environment will join [...]

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Bahamian Coral Reef Report Card 2020: Assessing Reef Health and Plotting the Path Forward

With the recent release of its Coral Reef Report Card, the Perry Institute for Marine Science invites you to participate in another edition of its monthly webinar series. PIMS Executive Director, Dr. Craig Dahlgren will discuss the current state of coral reefs. Despite decline in health and new threats such as Stony [...]

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Mapping Reef Health: Using Photogrammetry and 3D Models to Monitor and Visualize Coral Reefs

Over the last several years, PIMS has been working to create detailed 3D models and reconstructions of coral reefs using photogrammetry. These models and photomosaics (2D satellite-style maps of reef surfaces) are incredible tools for monitoring reef health. Now, we will give you a taste of this exciting technology, for [...]

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