Nassau Grouper- Stuart Cove

Nassau Grouper- Stuart Cove

After decades of advocating by conservation organizations and scientists, the government of The Bahamas legislated a closed season for Nassau grouper in 2015, December 1 – February 28!

Why a Closed Nassau Grouper Season?

Nassau grouper not only supports an economically important fishery, they also play an important role on our Bahamian coral reefs. Over the past three decades, scientists have noticed a 60% population decline. Grouper face many threats that have contributed to their decline. One of the major threats is the unsustainable harvesting of groupers at spawning aggregations, a time when they are most vulnerable.

What the Law Says?

During December 1 – February 28, it is ILLEGAL to BUY, PROCESS or SELL Nassau grouper during the closed season.

Learn More

Learn more about what you can do to help protect Nassau grouper and stay updated with ongoing research, access the informational brochure here, created by Seakeepers with input from Krista Sherman – PhD student, Bahamas National Trust, The Department of Marine Resources and Dr. Craig Dahlgren – Marine Scientist at the Perry Institute for Marine Science (PIMS).


Nassau grouper is one of our research focus areas at PIMS. Learn more about our Nassau grouper research here and subscribe to receive exciting research updates here.


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