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With impending climate change impacts for coastal communities such as The Bahamas (e.g. coastal flooding, decreased freshwater availability, ocean acidification, increased storms etc.), adaptation for such countries is a matter of survival. While not all adaptation strategies may be physically possible or economically worthwhile, countries will have to decide what damage is worth avoiding.

What Perry Institute for Marine Science is Doing

More Bahamas specific data related to the effects or impending effects of climate change is needed to make informed decisions related to our adaptation to our changing climate. Through our research, we seek to better understand how this global issue is affecting low lying nations like The Bahamas on a local scale and ultimately how this changing climate will influence our natural resources, ecosystems and livelihoods.  We will develop a climate change research and monitoring program to collect the necessary climate related data and its effects on key marine species, in addition to modeling sea level-rise. See our current projects.

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Why It Matters

Our research results will help influence policy changes pertaining to natural resource management, conservation, ecosystems services, land use and sustainable livelihoods. The ultimate goal of this program is to develop and implement a successful research and monitoring framework to close the adaptation deficit and to make informed decisions as a country.

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