The Perry Institute for Marine Science represented The Bahamas, along with long-time partner, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), at an international workshop on coral reef restoration.  This is a rapidly advancing field that is gaining momentum in The Bahamas.

Reef restoration work in The Bahamas is a collaborative effort between several local and international organizations including: Atlantis, TNC, Stuart Cove Dive Bahamas, Disney, SECORE, Cape Eleuthera Institute, Small Hope Bay, Forfar and the Bahamas National Trust. Together, we are working to establish a network of coral nurseries focused on different species and using different methods of growing corals to help jump-start the coral reef recovery process.  Research conducted by the Perry Institute and its partners (e.g. University of Miami) is at the cutting edge of this field, selecting areas and genetic strains of coral species that are likely to produce the greatest positive impacts.  Coupled with effective resource management and conservation strategies, Coral Reef restoration can help improve the health of reefs and aid their recovery!


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