Project Summary

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to coral reefs and coastal communities.  Increased sea temperatures and sea levels from climate change can kill reef building corals and drown mangrove forests next to developed areas. Because corals and mangroves naturally reduce wave energy and trap sediments, their loss leads to increased shoreline erosion. This puts coastal communities at increased risk to storms and flooding. Both coral reefs and mangroves are also important habitat for fish and other animals that provide food to and jobs for coastal communities. As a result, loss of mangroves and coral reefs can be devastating for people living in these areas.  Therefore, if we understand the impacts of climate change and how different areas are vulnerable, we may adapt management to reduce risks.

In this project we will examine vulnerability of coral reefs , mangroves and other marine and coastal habitats to climate change and map vulnerability in parts of The Bahamas. this assessment will help target areas that may be protected or restored to reduce risks of climate change impacts to ecosystems and coastal communities.


  • Bahamas National Trust
  • The Nature Conservancy
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