Project Summary

Reversing the decline of coral reefs throughout The Bahamas is a group effort, requiring multiple restoration sites throughout the country. To this end, The Perry Institute has partnered with local conservation organizations, research labs, dive operators and other stakeholders to create the Bahamas Coral Reef Restoration Network.  The goal of this network is to empower local communities to help rescue their reefs to support biodiversity, improve habitat for key fishery species, enhance value for tourism and provide other ecosystem services. With training, site selection based on recent research, monitoring and other technical support from the Perry Institute for marine science, local communities are growing corals in nurseries and outplanting those corals to reefs.

At present, the network includes 9 locally managed nursery sites, growing over 2000 corals.  Over the next year we hope to more than double the size of this network. In doing so, we will engage more stakeholders in rehabilitating their reefs, and increase the number of corals returned to reefs. We are also expanding the number of species being grown in nurseries.


  • Disney
  • Atlantis Resort/Atlantis Blue Project Foundation
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Stuart Cove’s Dive Bahamas
  • All-Star Liveaboards
  • Small Hope Bay Dive Lodge
  • Bahamas National Trust
  • Cape Eleuthera Institute
  • Institute for Field Studies
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