Project Summary

Communicating the results of research to key audiences is a critical step to changing behaviors and building stewardship. These audiences may be diverse – ranging from resource users like fishers, to marine resource managers and politicians who make policy, to the general public who are consumers of seafood. Therefore, effective communications require adapting messages to resonate with target audiences and reaching these audiences through various media effectively.  The Perry Institute and its partners are developing communication strategies to effectively communicate the role of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in preserving biodiversity and supporting sustainable fisheries, as well as other campaigns to improve fisheries management and preserve and protect coral reefs.

Examples of recent and ongoing efforts include:

  • Supporting a training workshop to help MPA planners communicate with local communities, and engage them in establishing MPAs.
  • Publishing coral reef report cards and developing videos and PSAs to explain the health of Bahamian reefs to the public.
  • Supporting the creation of the Conchservation campaign, including the “Conch Gone” song and video, as well as posters for restaurants participating in the campaign to improve conch fisheries management.
  • Development of posters and other educational materials to support creation of MPAs.


  • The Nature Conservancy
  • The Atlantis Blue Project Foundation
  • Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation
  • ISER Caribe
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