Project Description

“Involving students in science and connecting researchers with the Abaco community. A place to study and stay, but so much more!”

Our campus was impacted by Hurricane Dorian in September 2019. Thankfully, the Kenyon Centre escaped with minimal damage. We will be undertaking repairs in Summer 2020. Please Contact us for more information on reopening and reservations! We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Kenyon Centre is an 8 bedroom facility located in Marsh Harbour next to FRIENDS’ existing offices. The Kenyon Centre aims to facilitate research on Abaco by providing lower cost housing, storage, basic lab facilities and logistical assistance. Abaco is a natural center for research, with eleven established National Parks and protected areas, which provide for excellent sites for long term studies. With a variety of conservation and education programs, FRIENDS is also able to offer visiting researchers assistance with fulfilling local education and outreach portions of funding requirements.

The Kenyon Centre is also available for hosting high school and university programs, conducting field courses and opportunities to partner with scientists on long term research projects.


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