Project Description

The Apprentice Program is a paid six week summer program that offers young Bahamians an opportunity to work closely with CEIS staff and divisions across the whole organization.

Through training and potential employment, young people are empowered and become aware of opportunities for employment. Apprentices partake in a professional development workshop every week covering the following content:

• Successful work behaviors

• Verbal & nonverbal communication

• Professionalism: resumes & applications

• Coaching & interview practice

• Financial management introduction

• Conflict resolution


By the end of the apprenticeship, young people will come away with:

• Work experience

• Understanding of job related expectations

• An adult who can serve as a reference and vouch for work behaviours

• A clear statement about what they learned during the work experience

• A plan for how talents and experience apply to a new job opportunity

• An updated resume

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