Join PIMS in Making the #SuperCoralPlay for Super Bowl LIV 

Casey Harris, Research Associate at PIMS & Cape Eleuthera Institute
Hayley-Jo Carr, Training Director and Coordinator at PIMS’s Reef Rescue Network

The Perry Institute for Marine Science (PIMS) is participating in the #SuperCoralPlay campaign by teaming up with  the MSC Foundation, MSC Cruises, the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee (MSBHC), and the NFL to raise awareness about protecting and restoring coral reef ecosystems for many generations.

Left to right: Larry Fitzgerald, Casey Harris, Mark Sanchez, Hayley-Jo Carr, and Jarvis Landry

Coral reefs provide irreplaceable ecosystem services that contribute billions of dollars annually to global economies. Unfortunately, corals are threatened by rising sea surface temperatures, causing mass bleaching events and rapid ecosystem loss. Some scientists are currently investigating which corals are more resilient to the effects of global climate change. These corals are known as “super corals,” meaning they have exhibited the ability to tolerate or recover from environmental disturbances, such as ocean warming.

PIMS staff members Casey Harris and Hayley-Jo Carr spent the day at Ocean Cay with perennial NFL Pro Bowlers Larry Fitzgerald, Jarvis Landry, and former NFL standout Mark Sanchez. Harris and Carr assisted with the #SuperCoralPlay campaign video and educated the players about coral restoration efforts in The Bahamas. They explained how Ocean Cay is planning to help restore degraded reefs in the MSC marine reserve by working with scientists to implement “super corals” into their coral restoration initiatives. Carr and Harris also went diving with Sanchez and showed him how to use marine epoxy to outplant corals to the reef substrate.

Left: Hayley-Jo Carr talking with Larry Fitzgerald about the importance of protecting coral reefs and reducing our carbon footprint. Right: Mark Sanchez mixing marine epoxy before outplanting corals to the reef.

During Super Bowl LIV, look for the #SuperCoralPlay campaign and make the pledge today! A #SuperCoralPlay is a simple action we can make to help reduce our human impacts on the marine environment. Show your support by using the hashtag #SuperCoralPlay in social media posts and challenge others to get involved. You can also support this campaign by buying a super coral bracelet made from abandoned fishing net found in the ocean or by donating to coral restoration work.

Please visit for more information.

Make your play, save the oceans.

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