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About the Perry Institute for Marine Science

The Perry Institute for Marine Science is a program-based institution conducting research throughout The Bahamas and other parts of the Caribbean in partnership with governments, international NGOs and local organizations throughout the region. The Perry Institute supports global research into the status of threatened and endangered marine species.

Management Team

Dr. Craig Dahlgren
Executive Director
Hayley-Jo Carr
Training Director & Coordinator
Alannah Vellacott
Research Assistant

Board of Trustees

Dr. John Marr
Dr. John MarrTrustee
Kent Carpenter
Kent CarpenterTrustee
David Knight
David KnightTrustee
Roger McManus
Roger McManus Trustee
Dr. Craig Dahlgren
Dr. Craig Dahlgren Managing Director

Scientific Partners

Dr. Kristine Stump
Dr. Kristine StumpScientific Partner
Lindy Knowles
Lindy KnowlesScientific Partner
Dr Alison Green
Dr Alison GreenScientific Partner
Krista Danielle Sherman
Krista Danielle ShermanScientific Partner


Through your support, Perry Institute for Marine Science can continue to protect our marine environment.