Dr. John Marr

Dr. John Marr
Dr. John MarrTrustee

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Dr. Marr works with governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations, consulting on improving management of natural resources, instructing courses, proposal writing and grants management, and serving as author, editor and reviewer for scientific peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Marr works with various groups from academia, government, corporations, as well as private individuals, to develop and implement projects directly related to environmental concerns and wildlife and habitat management. Prior to coming to the Jekyll Island State Park Authority and prior to serving on the Perry Institute Board, Dr. Marr served as the director for the Perry Institute for Marine Science and its marine laboratory and field station in the Bahamas where he directed research, conservation, and education programs. He enjoys working with mission driven organizations and is passionate about developing education and research programs designed to advance knowledge and further protect natural resources for the public benefit and for inspiring environmental stewardship. Dr. Marr holds a Ph.D. in Zoology and Physiology from the University of Wyoming with training in environmental sciences and wildlife ecology; and holds a M.S. in aquatic ecology from the University of Central Arkansas and a B.A. in biology from Rhodes College.


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