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Krista Danielle Sherman

Krista Danielle Sherman
Krista Danielle ShermanScientific Partner

Krista is currently pursuing a PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of Exeter. Her current research aims to assess the status, population structure and dynamics of Nassau grouper spawning aggregations in The Bahamas to better support their conservation. Prior to entering the PhD program, she worked in The Bahamas for six years – 4 at the Bahamas National Trust as Global Environment Facility (GEF) Full Size Project (FSP) Coordinator and Science Officer; and 2 years at the Cape Eleuthera Institute and Island School as a Research Associate and Advisor.

Biography Highlights

Full Name: Krista Danielle Sherman
Position: PhD Candidate University of Exeter
Institution/Affiliation: University of Exeter/Shedd Aquarium
Awards: MRes Ocean Science (University of Southampton, UK); BSc., Magna cum laude Marine Science & minor in Spanish (Jacksonville University, USA)
Hometown: New Providence, Bahamas

Krista has extensive marine animal husbandry and research experience — evaluating the status of Nassau Grouper spawning aggregations; assessing impacts of invasive lionfish on native species and ecosystems; monitoring the health of coral reef, mangrove and seagrass habitats; coral restoration; and conducting Rapid Ecological Assessments for proposed Marine Protected Areas. She has actively contributed to several national research projects, e.g. the GEF FSP – Building a Sustainable National Marine Protected Area Network in The Bahamas, and coral restoration and monitoring under the Atlantis Blue Project and continues to assist with ongoing conservation efforts in The Bahamas.

Krista holds numerous instructor level certifications and professional qualifications (e.g. AGRRA Trainer, REEF Check Eco-Diver Trainer, Advanced assessment team member for the Tropical Western Atlantic).

Hobbies: Free diving, SCUBA diving, traveling, dancing, exercising, rock climbing, water sports, music & reading

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