Vanessa Haley-Benjamin

Vanessa Haley-Benjamin
Vanessa Haley-Benjamin Bahamas Programs Manager
Vanessa Haley-Benjamin is a marine biologist whose professional career is focused on protecting the Bahamian environment through cutting edge research, natural resource management and more recently environmental policy and advocacy.

Biography Highlights

Mrs. Haley-Benjamin received her Bachelor’s of Science in Marine Biology from The College of Charleston and her Masters of Science in Biological Sciences from Florida International University. As part of her MS degree, she conducted ground breaking research on Bonefish spawning migrations around Andros Island, Bahamas.  Since then, Vanessa has been involved in Science as the Director of Science and Policy for The Bahamas National Trust and CEO of Save The Bays.  Mrs. Haley-Benjamin is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Birmingham with research interest in developing effective climate change adaptation strategies for small island nations.


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