Hayley-Jo Carr

Training Director & Coordinator
Reef Rescue Network
Perry Institute for Marine Science

Biography Highlights

Hayley-Jo Carr is a PADI Course Director & marine conservationist who has taught a wide range of programs in a variety of countries. With a BA (hons) in sport & recreation studies with community studies, Carr’s focus has been on community management with marine conservation. She has been the driving force behind many projects involving sharks, sea turtles, marine debris & coral restoration. Carr also works with divers, schools, organizations and businesses to help develop their marine programs and events.

As a PADI Course Director, Hayley-Jo Carr trains new scuba diving Instructors with an emphasis on marine conservation, so they gain the necessary knowledge to teach specialty marine programs. Carr specializes and teaches the following courses up to Instructor level:

  1. Invasive Lionfish Removal,
  2. Dive Against Debris,
  3. Sea Turtle Awareness,
  4. Coral Nursery Restoration, and
  5. Shark Conservation.

She also authored the PADI Reef Rescue Diver Course, which is being taught throughout the Reef Rescue Network. Carr has extensive experience with coral nursery management and techniques. She is also a member of the National Wildlife Conservation and Trade Advisory Committee.

Carr is currently the Coordinator for The Reef Rescue Network with more than 40 Coral Restoration projects throughout the Caribbean. These coral nurseries are helping to restore coral reefs and recover these threatened marine habitats. The projects benefit local communities that depend on a healthy ocean. She works with hundreds of volunteers to organize events, training and education sessions. Carr excels in communicating with a wide variety of groups and interacts with various stakeholders. These groups include young people, community volunteers, funders, NGOs, private businesses and local governments.

For more information on the Reef Rescue Network, contact her at hayley.carr@perryinstitute.org


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