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Lily Haines

Lily Haines
Lily HainesSenior Research Associate

Biography Highlights

Lily Haines is a Canadian marine biologist, a field-work enthusiast, an environmental journalist and an avid ocean lover.

Lily currently works as Research Associate at the Perry Institute of Marine Science and the Cape Eleuthera Institute, where she studies ways to upscale and improve coral reef restoration practices. Prior to Lily venturing to the beautiful island of Eleuthera for this position, however, she graduated with a Master of Science from Simon Fraser University. There, as a member of Dr. Isabelle Côté’s Lab, she investigated coral reef fish movement and the Indo-Pacific lionfish invasion in the Caribbean, won the prestigious NSERC Canadian Graduate Student research grant and learned to analyze large datasets using advanced statistics in R-programming language.

Before diving into the world of underwater research, Lily lived in Norway’s High Arctic, where she worked full-time as an environmental reported for BarentsObserver News as part of the Norwegian High North Journalism Award. Beyond developing valuable public-speaking skills and working as part of a fast-moving, tight-knit newsroom, Lily learned to interview and correspond with many people in many unique situations and climates. These skills, she says, have been invaluable working as a teaching assistant at Simon Fraser University, volunteering as a tour guide at The Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, as well as mentoring and teaching budding young biologists at Cape Eleuthera.


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