Stanton Charlton

Communications Specialist
Perry Institute for Marine Science

Biography Highlights

Stanton Charlton currently serves as Communications Specialist for the Perry Institute of Marine Science. Charlton is a writer at heart who brings his passion for producing high-quality, innovative and thoughtful content to the PIMS team.

Charlton is responsible for coordinating PIMS’s messaging, marketing and social media usage. He aims to use his knowledge to implement a consistent and polished approach to the way PIMS interacts with stakeholders in both digital and print spaces. Charlton’s vision for standardizing PIMS’s communication includes producing its first quarterly newsletter and creating a digital presence that is streamlined to actively engage the public. He is the editor and content coordinator for both the PIMS and the Atlantis Blue Project Foundation websites.

Charlton was born and raised in the Bahamas. He is well travelled, having lived in three other countries throughout his life: The United States, England and the Turks & Caicos Islands. His interest in seeing the world and enhancing his global perspective led him to Minnesota, where Charlton graduated from St. John’s University with a B.A. in communication. That was also where he cultivated his passion for serving non-profits. While employed as a tutor at the University’s writing center, he coordinated research to improve methods used to assist students with disabilities and ESL students (English as a Second Language). He used this research to revamp the way new employees were trained to assist these students.

Four years ago, Charlton developed a website he dedicated towards political and social writing, music and poetry. This foray into website development was the catalyst for a desire to understand how to connect with the public across digital platforms. He developed an understanding for search engine optimization and content management systems. This knowledge attracted him to the field of digital communication. Charlton has been a copywriter  and consultant for various clients both in the Bahamas and abroad.

Charlton also had the opportunity to assist London’s TDL-Creative with copywriting and research into the British energy sector. He contributed to TDL’s blog and the research base he created led to new/expanded relationships with various energy sector clients, such as Costain, Navigator Gas and SSE.

Outside of the office, Stanton Charlton is an avid sports fan, gamer and music lover.


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