The Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute Conference (GCFI) is an annual event that bridges the gap between a range of stakeholders including fishers, policymakers, marine resource managers, students, scientists and non-governmental organizations to foster learning and collaborative approaches to better tackle key environmental issues facing the region. Because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s conference was entirely virtual.

GCFI hosted its 73rd meeting during November 2-6, 2020 under the theme: Stories from the Field. The theme was designed to “highlight approaches that lead to successful outcomes, such as those that:

  • Identify best practices for effective conservation and sustainable use of Gulf and Caribbean resources.
  • Strengthen alliances between science and beyond by conveying innovative cooperative relationships that support implementation of ocean-related solutions.
  • Promote transboundary, and national initiatives, transdisciplinary networks, and research partnerships.”

More than 100 people from different countries across the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean region attended!

Click the poster above to download the PDF from a new window.

The Perry Institute of Marine Science (PIMS) was represented by Senior Scientist, Dr. Krista Sherman who participated in the interactive e-poster session and was an invited panelist for the special session and technical workshop on recreational fisheries that was organized and hosted by the Environmental Defence Fund (EDF). Invited panelists included representatives from The Bahamas, Belize, Cuba, Mexico, and the United States of America.

Each panelist shared experiences and perspectives, including progress and challenges related to recreational fisheries management and shared potential strategies for addressing these issues. Main concepts stemming from these discussions included the need for effective governance, monitoring and data collection, reporting, enforcement, inclusiveness, and participatory engagement with stakeholders. A technical report will be prepared and shared with the public to identify next steps for advancing recreational fisheries management throughout the region.

The entire GCFI73 E-Poster Showcase can be viewed online and will remain interactive until October 2021. Be sure to check out the poster submitted by Dr. Sherman based on the co-authored review paper – Contemporary and Emerging Fisheries in The Bahamas: Conservation and Management Challenges, Achievements and Future Directions.

Recordings from the conference can  be accessed via GCFI’s YouTube channel.

To learn more about fisheries research at PIMS visit the Fisheries Research & Conservation Program on our website and follow us on social media via @perryinstituteformarinescience.

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