For over 40 years, The Perry Institute for Marine Science has been a leader in conducting research in support of ocean conservation and stewardship throughout the Caribbean. Some of the core programs have centered around the effective use of Marine Protected Areas for marine conservation and fisheries management, the health of coral reefs and associated ecosystems, and the management of key Caribbean fishery species like the queen conch, Caribbean spiny lobster, and particularly the Nassau grouper.

Perry Institute for Marine Science supports a wide range of research that is helping protect our oceans.

Our four main areas of research include:

  • The effective management and conservation of the Nassau grouper fishery

  • Reversing the decline of coral reefs

  • The effective management and planning of marine protected areas

  • Addressing issues related to climate change and marine ecosystems

Additionally, our board member Dr. Kent Carpenter manages IUCN’s Global Marine Species Assessment. The project is a global review of the threat of extinction for every marine vertebrate species, plants and selected invertebrates. Our research programs are designed to help us address conservation and  management priorities for each focus area. Read more about our many ongoing projects below and how they help us address conservation priorities.

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We are committed to research and publishing results to help stakeholders make informed decisions.

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Through your support, Perry Institute for Marine Science can continue to protect our marine environment.