We need your help to MONITOR and STOP the spread of Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD) in The Bahamas. The Perry Institute for Marine Science has created this educational video about how to identify SCTLD, report sightings, and disinfect gear/boats if you come in contact with it. Report SCTLD sightings at http://www.perryinstitute.org/reports… and email us with questions at coral@perryinstitute.org. There is a lethal coral disease spreading fast in the Caribbean and it’s called Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease, or SCTLD. The exact pathogen causing the disease is unknown, but it’s threatening over 20 stony coral species and has high mortality rates; rates of more than 80% for some species. Researchers suspect that SCTLD is caused by bacterial pathogens that can be transmitted to other corals through direct contact or water circulation. The disease was first reported in The Bahamas in late 2019 off Grand Bahama and has recently been confirmed in New Providence. We are calling all divers, fishermen, and ocean activists in The Bahamas to help us protect our coral reefs! We hope you will take action with us to combat this disease and preserve the beauty of Bahamian reefs for future generations.
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