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What We Do

The Reef Rescue Network coordinates coral nursery establishment, maintenance, management, outplanting and monitoring with its partners. Specifically, we assist with training local partners, developing and implementing criteria for restoration, nursery site selection, harvesting coral from source populations, growing corals in nurseries, outplanting corals to reefs and monitoring the success of restoration at multiple scales from coral colony to reef ecosystem. We aim to be a leader in the creation and implementation of training courses to assist more recreational divers to become involved with scientific diving to help protect the ocean and its inhabitants. We provide opportunities to build partnerships between scientists, marine resource managers, conservation practitioners, and businesses and coastal communities that depend on healthy reefs. 



Building a network of coral nurseries to rehabilitate coral reefs and networking with communities to train and educate divers, organisations & volunteers. 


  • Build and create coral nursery structures.
  • Locate appropriate sites for coral nurseries & construct underwater.
  • Train individuals how to maintain coral nurseries effectively.
  • Train individuals how to outplant corals grown in the nursery.
  • Assist organisations & businesses how to market their coral nursery for educational, recreational or scientific purposes.
  • Train divers to become Reef Rescue Divers with our own PADI Distinctive Specialty Course.
  • Train Instructors to teach the Reef Rescue Diver Course with our own in-house PADI Course Director, Hayley-Jo Carr.
  • Provide complete assistance to organisations and businesses including setup, creation, training and marketing of their own coral nursery.
  • After implementation continue to provide assistance, information and updates.
  • Provide divers with a network to become involved with coral restoration.
  • Committed to gathering scientific data and research on coral restoration including genetics and temperature logging.
  • Monitor outplanted sites to check survivorship and reef health including Atlantic & Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment (AGRRA) surveys.

Why Is This Research Important?

Our coral reefs are disappearing. About 50 percent of the world’s coral reefs have already been lost or severely damaged. Coral reefs are some of the most biologically rich and economically valuable ecosystems on Earth. However, coral reefs and the magnificent creatures that call them home are in danger of disappearing if actions are not taken to protect them. 

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