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Whether you’re a student eager to dive into the depths of marine biology, a budding conservationist seeking to make waves in ocean stewardship, or an educator aiming to inspire future generations, joining PIMS opens doors to a world of possibility. Through internships, field schools, and outreach, we empower individuals to become catalysts for change, shaping a future where our marine ecosystems thrive. Together, let’s turn the tide on environmental degradation and chart a course towards a sustainable blue planet.


Unlock a world of marine biology and conservation with internships at the Perry Institute for Marine Science. Dive deep into hands-on research, coral nurseries, stakeholder engagement, and community outreach. Whether you’re monitoring coral reefs or restoring mangroves, our internships offer a gateway to diverse career paths in marine conservation. From fisheries to social science, join us in safeguarding ocean ecosystems in The Bahamas. Don’t miss the chance to make a splash—apply now and embark on a journey to protect our seas!

Marine conservation internship
Marine biology school

Rising Tides

Discover the transformative journey of our Rising Tides field school, igniting passion and  knowledge in Bahamian high school students located in New Providence. Supported by the Disney Conservation Fund, this annual initiative is shaping the next generation of ocean stewards amidst the backdrop of a changing world. From mangrove exploration to coral restoration, students embark on a voyage of discovery, equipped to champion marine conservation in their communities. Follow us on social media for details on our upcoming 2024 summer program.


Dive into the world of marine biology with PIMS’s outreach program, bringing ocean scientists and renowned experts to your classroom or event. From captivating presentations to interactive workshops, our team is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of ocean enthusiasts. Additionally, we offer exciting field trips outdoors, providing hands-on experiences that deepen understanding and appreciation for marine ecosystems. Whether you’re seeking guest speakers, class visits, or outdoor adventures, PIMS is your gateway to engaging with cutting-edge research and conservation efforts. Contact us today to bring the wonders of the ocean directly to your audience.

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Dive into marine biology with an internship at the Perry Institute for Marine Science! Gain hands-on experience in ocean research and stewardship, and work alongside experts in The Bahamas.

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