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Yesterday marked the beginning of Crawfish Closed Season in The Bahamas.

Remember, from April 1 to July 31, it’s illegal to fish, possess, kill or sell crawfish (i.e., Caribbean spiny lobster).

A crawfish (or Caribbean spiny lobster) emerges from underneath a coral reef.

Crawfish are widely distributed within The Bahamas, Bermuda, the west Indies and South Florida. Unlike the American lobster, our spiny lobsters lack large pinching claws and a rigid fantail. Instead, they boast long whiplike antennae and forward-projecting spines on the front portion of their carapaces.

These national treasures are also one of the most important commercial fisheries in The Bahamas. More than 4 million pounds of crawfish valued at $47 million were landed in 2018 alone, according to a recent Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources report.

Notably, crawfish mate and spawn during the warm summer months. That's why it's crucial we leave these beloved crustaceans alone during the Closed Season and give them time to replenish their population numbers.

Please remind your friends and family not to buy or eat crawfish during this time. Your actions today mean we’ll have more crawfish in the long run!