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Our very own Kemit Amon-Lewis was recently honored by the US Virgin Islands for his outstanding contributions to marine science!


The USVI Legislature’s committee on government operations and consumer protection will be hearing BN 34-0201 today in recognition of Kemit's service to the marine science industry and to the people of the Virgin Islands.

⁠⁠"Growing up on St. Croix had everything to do with my interest in the field of marine science, a career that has allowed me to see much of Earth’s oceans while working to make a difference. The lived-experience of being a Caribbean Islander first and a marine scientist second has given me a different perspective as I approach each issue and has informed each project and program developed to affect change. I am beyond humbled and honored that the career that I love dearly is being celebrated today."

Kemit-Amon Lewis is a marine scientist, environmental advocate, scuba diver, tennis player, choreographer, world traveler, photographer and pillar of the Virgin Islands community.