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Today we were featured on the Morning Edition of ZNS Bahamas to discuss a growing threat to coral reefs; Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease.

The lethal disease, also called Coral COVID, is advancing rapidly throughout The Bahamas, leaving thousands of dead corals in its wake. And we're calling on all boaters, divers, fishermen and ocean-lovers to help stop the spread.

"When people take their boats or SCUBA dive or snorkel in different locations, and they don't clean the bilge water, they don't clean their gear and they don't wash their wetsuits properly, we've been finding that this Coral COVID, or this Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease has actually been wiping out coral in those areas" said Lashanti Jupp, program assistant at the Perry Institute for Marine Science.

Check out the news segment above to learn more.

[Video by ZNS Bahamas, Morning Edition.]