Anwar Godet

Anwar Godet is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and currently a Research Technician for the Perry Institute for Marine Science. Anwar was born and raised in the Bahamas and has been diving for over 20 years.

Throughout his many years of diving Anwar has seen the direct impact the deterioration of coral reefs has had on the marine environment. He has since dedicated his diving career to teaching other divers the importance of marine conservation through an array of conservation specialties. These specialties include Project AWARE Shark Conservation, Reef Rescue Diver, Fish Identification, and Sea Turtle Awareness.

As a Bahamian Anwar strives to reverse the decline of coral reefs to not only protect the Island nation he calls home, but to preserve the natural underwater beauty for generations to come.

Anwar currently works alongside PIMS scientists in the field on the Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease Taskforce, and on coral restoration efforts throughout the Reef Rescue Network.



We create and manage coral restoration practices within organizations and businesses throughout The Bahamas and the Caribbean. Our goal is to help organizations and businesses see how coral restoration benefits the educational, recreational, economic and scientific agendas of the entire region.