Lily Haines, MSc

As a seasoned communications specialist with 10+ years of experience, Lily’s (she/her) mission is to transform problems into possibilities through storytelling, curiosity and unwavering artistic expression. Fuelled by her passion for uncovering the secrets of the ocean, Lily is the Communications Director at the Perry Institute for Marine Science, where she oversees and coordinates communications across all of our programs, including fisheries research and conservation, coral reef restoration, coastal habitat research, and community outreach and education.

With a Bachelor’s of Journalism and a Master of Biological Sciences under her belt, Lily brings a unique blend of art and science to our team. She is proficient in a myriad of design and communication softwares, including Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Later, Mailchimp, Google Workspace, Slack, HTML, Microsoft Office, and Procreate. At PIMS, Lily uses these tools to translate complex research and scientific concepts into visuals and articles for social media, web, and print. A wearer of many hats, she also writes press releases, leads marketing and social media strategies, manages our website and helps us conduct coral reef research in the field.

Hailing from Canada, Lily is a deep lover of life and greatly values people who are unafraid to ask questions. Outside of her career at PIMS, she leads women’s support groups and loves hiking, cold plunging and freediving.



We create and manage coral restoration practices within organizations and businesses throughout The Bahamas and the Caribbean. Our goal is to help organizations and businesses see how coral restoration benefits the educational, recreational, economic and scientific agendas of the entire region.