Shaquille Campbell

Born and raised in The Bahamas In the midst of turquoise waters and vibrant coral reefs, Shaquille found himself immersed in the awe-inspiring beauty of the ocean from a young age. The allure of the sea captivated him, drawing him into its depths and igniting a passion that would shape his life’s journey.


It was during his teenage years that he took his first steps towards becoming a certified diver. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, he learned the fundamentals of diving and gained a deeper understanding of the ocean’s delicate ecosystem. After which Shaquille embarked on a journey to become a PADI Instructor. The process was rigorous, requiring dedication, perseverance, and a thorough understanding of dive theory and safety protocols. Yet, with determination and a love for teaching, he successfully obtained his PADI Instructor certification. After some years of gaining professional experience, he pursued further training to become a PADI IDC Staff Instructor. This elevated role allowed him to not only teach new divers but also mentor and train aspiring instructors, passing on his knowledge and passion for diving to the next generation. While teaching remained a central focus, he found himself drawn to the realm of being a boat captain and management. Recognizing the need for effective leadership and sustainable practices, he sought out opportunities to expand his skills and expertise in these areas.


Today, as a Marine Operations Manager, he oversees the operations of an amazing team here in the Bahamas. From coordinating trips and managing vessels to implementing and ensuring safety standards are met, his role is diverse and dynamic. He is proud to be a part of a team of passionate individuals who share the same commitment to preserving the ocean and vast ecosystem.



We create and manage coral restoration practices within organizations and businesses throughout The Bahamas and the Caribbean. Our goal is to help organizations and businesses see how coral restoration benefits the educational, recreational, economic and scientific agendas of the entire region.