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What We Do.

The Community Conservation, Education, and Action (CCEA) program works towards promoting conservation through enhanced community engagement, with the goal of providing the tools, training, and experience to help foster a greater conservation ethic across The Bahamas, while also building the next generation of Bahamian conservation leaders. 

Conservation Leadership Development

We are focused on capacity building for marine conservation through a career ladder approach. We hope to provide future marine conservation leaders with opportunities to gain experience and training towards a related career, starting with students and continuing through undergraduate, post graduate and early career stages. We offer internships, dive training, and workshops, to help build these skills. And we’ve also piloted our Rising Tides youth program to engage local high school students. 

Education & Outreach

This priority area hopes to address formal education pathways by creating content that can supplement educational activities in local schools. This includes a Marine Conservation Curriculum and other educational resources focused on local ecosystems, challenges and real-world applications; professional development resources for teachers; and classroom visits and field excursions for local schools. 

Strategic Communications & Engagement

We launch targeted campaigns that engage stakeholders on critical marine conservation issues  that will hopefully lead to lasting conservation behavior changes. This includes raising awareness of  Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease, promoting sustainable seafood choices, and growing opportunities for more communities to engage and take action in local conservation efforts.

Mangrove restoration

Social Science Research

CCEA engages in a variety of social science research to support the ecological work being done by other PIMS’ program teams. We want to better understand the motivations, perceptions, and actions of stakeholders from different communities in order to provide holistic views of the ecosystems we are trying to conserve. Our projects include examining fishers’ choices and behaviors, using stakeholder consultations to help prioritize restoration areas, and evaluating conservation behavior change communications. 



Dive into marine conservation with an internship at the Perry Institute for Marine Science! Gain hands-on experience in ocean research and stewardship, and work alongside experts in The Bahamas.

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